• New envelope design for streamlines air flow, improves finish
  • High energy efficiency reduces electricity consumption
  • Special models with teflon net for small products and double blower for P.O.F. Film. Adjustable window height design to reduce heat lossess
  • Complete range for PVC.P.O.F.(Poly Polefin) and LDPE Films.

Model Voltage Power Conveyor Loading Chamber size(mm) Speed Net weight Dimension
4525 220V/380V 6.5KW 15KG 900X450X150-250 0-10 75 1200X610X1240
4535L 380V 9.6KW 30KG. 1200X450X150-350 0-10 120 1600X610X1340
5540M-PE 380V 21KW 40KG. 1400X550X400 0-10 280 2470X710X1450
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